Many ADSL modems or wireless routers use as their IP address. Among many IP addresses like or, this one is that the most typically used one. These are known as host addresses.

What should I do with this IP address?

For reaching your router; type in in your web browser’s address bar. this way you’ll access the admin panel of your router from that you’ll be able to make changes on DNS, WAN, LAN, network management, IP Qos, security preferences, WPS, MAC, PPPOE, WLAN, DSL, DHCP client and so on.

How am i able to log in to

Manually type it this ip into the address bar of the browser. Unless this is often not your ip, please determine yours.

Log in by providing your username/password.
If you do not have this info, attempt the below recommendations.

What if I forgot the router’s username and password?

Unless you created any previous changes in your username and password, you’ll be able to notice them within the router’s label along with the login address and serial number.
But If you modified them but do not keep in mind, you need to reset the device. Press the reset button for about 10 seconds with a really thin and tiny object.

If no changes were created before, establish the username and password you wish from the list.

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