The greater numbers of wireless routers makers use of or 192.168.11 as their default address for getting in their web-interface. Besides being an IP that routers make use of it’s the trendiest. There’re several diverse IP addresses like,,, and so on. They are also referred to as host addresses. IP address – what can you do with it

You are able to have accessibility to the router of yours by inserting in the address bar of the router. When you go into the web-interface of the router, you can view a catalog of options that offer you the accurate and safe use of the router that include security options, network management, WLAN settings and so on.

The way of logging in to the web-interface of

The primary step is the entering in of This can be done in a couple of ways:

• A person can type it inside the address bar himself/herself
• Click on the URL on several sites for admin login.

A great number of Internet users get perplexed by the resemblance of “1” to lowercase letter “l” as well as capital letter “I”. For example 192.168.11. This is reason for which individuals repeat the typing blunder as far as the IP address is concerned because they have witnessed others type it making use of letters and not numbers. This is an unfortunate mistake that is the cause of much confusion amongst the individuals who are seeking technical assistance. For example 192.168.l.l or 192.168.l.1

What can you do if you can’t remember the username and password of your router?

In case you are not aware of your username as well as password and you have not changed it at any time, you can try to locate them in the label that also has the login address and serial number of the router.

Or you can contact the router manufacturer for online help;

In case you had changed the password of yours and can’t remember it you must reset the router/ modem to its factory settings. There’s a concealed reset button on all kinds of wireless routers or ADSL modems. For turning a router back to its factory settings, you require holding on the reset button for a time of 10 seconds with a needle / toothpick.

In case you had not changed your username / password, you are free to login to the router of yours by checking the list of default router username & password on any of the admin login sites.

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