Recover Modem Password

People sometimes forget their username and password or just do not have knowledge about the default username and password of their routers. If you wish to recover or learn the username and password of your router, you’ll be able to take these steps to guide you.

First Option: Router Username & password Defaults

Default information comes with the manual of the router. you’ll be able to find the default username and password as well because the login address and serial number of the device marked on a label. If you do not have the documentation or the label mentioned above, attempt the opposite option or have a look at our large catalogue of router usernames and passwords.

Second Option: Router Username and password info

Routers all have their default login data. Unless you’ll be able to get that username and password data, browse and find your router from this list. Note the username/password and use them on your router’s IP address. (For the IP address, you can get help from our tutorial: “Find Router IP Adress“).

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